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Senior GIS Data Analysis

Alaska Power Association

Anchorage,  Alaska
GIS Analyst


The position of Senior GIS Data Analyst is a professional and technical specialist with proven proficiency in performing and overseeing a variety of complex analytical and advanced geographic information systems (GIS) assignments that provide for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of GIS databases, coverages, and linkages to various databases, and design and production of accurate maps and drawings in support of various Association departments, as well as related scripts and applications to facilitate those tasks.


1. Responsible for design and administration of the Association’s geographic information systems and related work programs.
2. Review and analyze work requests as assigned.
3. Work with end users, management, technical staff, associates, consultants, and vendors to investigate and translate requests into project requirements, and further, into definitions and specifications for data acquisition, management, and presentation, and application development.
4. Perform complex analysis, design, coding, testing, documentation, and implementation of project definitions and specifications. Design and maintain data files and structures as needed.
5. Set standards and provide oversight of quality control for all GIS and non-GIS database system related drawings and information to maintain data integrity of geodatabases. Oversee third party vendor activities for accuracy and standards compliance.
6. Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively with other Association departments.
7. Serve as a member or leader of intra- and inter-departmental application development teams.
8. Interface with Engineering, Operations, and other divisions to proactively identity GIS-related needs and cooperatively evaluate, select, and implement appropriate solutions to meet those needs.
9. Provide status reports for all projects and activities as requested.
10. Coordinate efforts of Association GIS team and vendors.
11. Develop guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures for the support of GIS databases and applications.
12. Write technical reports and documents such as project descriptions, program synopses, definitions and specifications, system and data flow diagrams, data structures, and program flow, to be used by both technical and non-technical personnel.
13. Install and troubleshoot problems with the GIS mapping system, assist with installation of applications and upgrades, and assist users in resolving software problems
14. Utilize GIS and CAD based products to update maps and to maintain and update graphical libraries, symbol libraries, and databases.
15. Process images and graphical files and drawings for incorporation into GIS databases.
16. Responsible for transmitting and receiving GIS data to/from outside design consultants including installation of required software and training. 17. Provide quality control related to use of electronic staking program.
18. Provide training in use of GIS and electronic staking program as directed.
19. Create and revise drawings, graphic displays and exhibits as directed.
20. Assist in maintaining the accuracy of the Association’s connectivity and Milsoft Windmil models.
21. Design and develop spatial queries to maximize the value of the Association’s various datasets.
22. Perform as project leader, as assigned, with responsibility for completion of complex and/or large projects. Duties as project leader may include planning, direction, coordination, and/or implementation of multi-phased projects.
23. Promote a safety culture in which safety is a value. This culture is based on joint and individual engagement, ownership, and accountability regarding job safety and responsibility to perform work safely and adhere to safe work practices.
24. Perform the essential functions of the position in a safe and efficient.
25. Perform other duties as assigned.


• Qualified candidates for this position are required to have a B.S. or B.A. degree in geographic information systems, geography, planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, or a related field and a minimum of five years of progressively responsible GIS-related experience, including four years of full time work with ESRI ArcGIS and related products.
• Experience with AutoCAD is desirable.
• GIS certification is desirable.
• Preference will be given to those candidates with extensive experience working in a GIS-related capacity for an electric utility.
• Qualified candidates must have a valid Alaska driver’s license (or ability to obtain as required under State of Alaska regulations) and a driving record, which is acceptable and insurable by the Association and the Association’s insurance carrier at standard group rates.

NOTE: Complete achievement of certain of the above specifications may not be required if, in the opinion of the Association hiring supervisor, a candidate possesses significant offsetting characteristics, such as past accomplishments, experience, education, or estimate of future potential. Should an applicant be deficient in certain educational achievements, offsetting experience may be substituted or vice versa.

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