Senior GIS Analyst

County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and Development

San Jose, California

Salary Details $153,389.60 - $186,449.12 Annually

The County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and Development is currently recruiting for a Senior GIS Analyst. Under supervision, the Sr. GIS Analyst will provide spatial analysis, reporting, mapping, mapping application, and technical support; maintain and update the database using GIS and related software packages; prepare and develop data for distribution to county departments, the public, local, state, and federal agencies; provide spatial analytics for customers' needs; and create and integrate GIS applications for broader use of GIS.

Typical Tasks

  • Leads the Enterprise GIS system architecture design and implementation plan;
  • Works with management to understand business issues and their environment (includes external County partners, NGO's and affiliated governmental entities);
  • Analyzes, proposes and maintains design of the GIS database and fileshares;
  • Establishes standards for GIS data maintenance operation, GIS applications, maps, and other GIS products based on the research on best practices and own experiences particular to the organization;
  • Performs advanced database design, development, administration and maintenance to ensure the integrity, completeness, and accuracy and accessibility of data layers for multiple users in a variety of environments; design and implements enhancements to databases to incorporate new data sets;
  • Develops, monitors and coordinates project activities, such as scheduling tracking and reporting and assesses the impact of planned changes;
  • Designs and implements GIS system architecture; plans and executes the system upgrades and maintains GIS systems and authorization levels;
  • Leads the development of complex application programming to create solutions using GIS technology for business customers;
  • Provides technical GIS leadership, coaching/mentoring to team members;
  • Develop, program, test, install, and maintain custom GIS applications, scripts, and tools to automate processes;
  • Working closely with DBA team, administer and optimize a variety of departmental and multi-agency data sets; establish security protocols and privileges;
  • Designs GIS integrated business solutions and geospatial solutions, including geodatabase design, business workflow programming, and web applications and mapping;
  • May lead GIS staff;
  • Prepares detailed technical specifications from which programs will be written;
  • Writes complex scripts and queries to identify database discrepancies, automate corrections, and automate updates;
  • Compiles, integrates and analyzes data from a variety of sources, including aerial photography, terrain, topographic, hydrologic, and time-sequenced event data, in order to provide a concise visual representation of complex idea;
  • Reviews existing and incoming data from outside agencies (Federal, State, local) for currency, accuracy, quality, documentation and consistency with central GIS database standards;
  • Creates geodatabases, instances, tables, layers, and feature classes;
  • Works with Business Analysts and customers to understand reporting requirements and to determine and analyze business processes;
  • Codes, documents, and maintain GIS integrated business software and GIS application software;
  • Codes, edits, installs, and verifies programs for accessing, maintaining, linking and populating databases;
  • Creates new layers and maintains existing layers for the GIS database, performs quality control on the layers and maintains metadata for the layers in the GIS database;
  • Develops test plans for new application functionality;
  • Produces cartographic products for reports, meetings and presentations;
  • Provide GIS guidance and training to lower level staff;
  • Performs user training on GIS integrated business solutions and GIS applications and tools;
  • Diagrams information flow, showing source and distribution of all segments, processing elements and channels;
  • Performs complex spatial analyses including spatial statistics and building models for automation;
  • Digitizes drawings and inputs them to the GIS database, following a standard procedure;
  • Generates custom maps to meet specific customer requirements; researches and responds to customer requests for information;
  • Generates production and quality reports as required;
  • Analyzes and evaluates geo-spatial data and ensures GIS data is accurate and reliable;
  • Participates in the auditing of data;
  • May be assigned as a Disaster Service Worker, as required;
  • Performs other related duties, as required.

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