GIS Technician/Specialist

Tippecanoe County Government

Lafayette, Tennessee

Incumbent serves as GIS Technician/Specialist for the County Surveyor, responsible for maintaining and updating the department’s geographic information system (GIS).


  • Maintains department GIS system, including constructing and maintaining features and attributes associated with various data layers, including Surveyor’s drainage layer, impervious layer, and section corner layer.  Performs system maintenance and backup procedures, logs activity, and maintains organized documentation files.  Periodically communicates with Management Information Technology Services (MITS) Department and/or computer consultants to resolve problems.
  • Performs queries and analysis of tax database to verify drainage assessment rates for individual parcels within county regulated drainage watersheds.  Creates landowner list including noting key number, mailing address, legal description, and acres benefited within watershed boundary.  Reviews and determines status of questionable land splits related to county regulated drainage watersheds for Auditor’s office.
  • Develops and oversees storage, scanning, and retrieval of county regulated drain drawings, and other department documents and plans.  Creates custom maps upon the request of office staff and Surveyor.
  • Communicates and meets with other County GIS users as needed to discuss interrelated projects procedures, and resolve related problems.
  • Downloads, organizes, and maintains digital images captured at various development final inspections and county regulated drain maintenance/reconstruction projects.  Downloads and maintains GPS points from hand held units and other devices. 
  • Serves as Surveyor department web master by uploading newly approved county drainage board agendas/minutes and maintaining historic county drainage board minutes.
  • Performs duties of Drainage Board Secretary in his/her absence, including serving as  acting secretary by posting agenda, obtaining minutes, recording meetings, transcribing minutes, assisting the public, and answering telephones.
  • Prepares monthly presentations for county Drainage Board meetings and legal drain meetings, including setting up appropriate equipment.’
  • Reviews minor subdivision submissions for presence of county regulated drains or location within a county regulated watershed, reporting findings to Surveyor.
  • Performs routine maintenance on plotter, including installing paper, ink cartridges, and related supplies.
  • Performs related duties as assigned. 


  • Associates degree in geography, engineering, or computer science, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Working knowledge of county land areas and applicable state and local codes and terminology, with ability to accurately read, interpret, and use land documents, such as legal descriptions, deeds, engineer drawings, storm water ordinances, aerial photos, and various maps.
  • Working knowledge of GIS hardware, software, and components, and ability to apply such knowledge to a variety of interrelated tasks.
  • Working knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with co-workers, other county departments, state and federal agencies, municipalities, consulting firms, contractors, and the public, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities, and disabilities.
  • Ability to make relevant arithmetic calculations, properly operate a variety of standard office equipment, including desktop and laptop computer, projector, dual monitor, engineering scanner and copier, copier, plotter, calculator, fax machine, telephone, digital camera, transcriber, survey controller, hand held GPS unit, and standard department and GIS related computer hardware and software.
  • Ability to work alone and with others in a team environment with minimum supervision, and maintain appropriate, respectful interrelationships with co-workers. 
  • Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions and directions, and appropriately respond to constructive criticism.
  • Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information/records according to state requirements.
  • Ability to work on several tasks at the same time and complete assignments effectively amidst frequent distractions and interruptions.
  • Ability to occasionally work extended hours.

Incumbent’s duties are broad in scope requiring consideration of complex variables.  Incumbent performs duties according to department policies and procedures and supervisory direction, exercising independent judgment in selecting and adapting standard methods and procedures to fit varying situations.

Incumbent applies standardized practices to individual cases, where desired results are clearly indicated.  Incumbent refers unusual and/or unprecedented situations to Surveyor or project manager as appropriate.  Incumbent receives general supervision, with work reviewed for technical accuracy, compliance with legal requirements, and effect on department goals/objectives.


  • Incumbent maintains frequent communication with   co-workers, other county departments, state and federal agencies, municipalities, consulting firms, contractors, and the public for purposes of exchanging information, explaining/interpreting policies and procedures. 
  • Incumbent reports directly to County Surveyor or Project Manager.


  • Incumbent performs duties in standard office involving sitting for long periods, sitting and walking at will, close vision, hearing sounds/communication, and handling/grapping objects, and occasionally involving pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds, crouching/kneeling, bending, reaching, and color perception.
  • Incumbent occasionally works extended hours.


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