GIS Specialist

County of Siskiyou

Yreka, California

Under general direction, to perform a variety of difficult and complex technical work related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development, revision and customization of maps on a computerized mapping system; to provide public assistance in explaining and interpreting maps and property descriptions; to prepare specialized reports for County and other governmental agencies showing relationships between departmental and other data bases; and to do related work as required.

This is a specialized Geographic Information Systems Specialist classification.  The incumbent has responsibility for the computerized mapping system and G.I.S. data base in various County departments.  In addition, a variety of skilled drafting or mapping work is performed.  This class is distinguished from the Cadastral Mapping class series by having day-to-day responsibility for a complex computerized mapping system and equipment and the G.I.S. database.  This classification is a for cause, non-exempt position. 

A variety of County supervisory or management positions depending upon the department or program area where assigned.

This is not a supervisory class.

Has day-to-day responsibility for the County's computerized mapping system and equipment; operates and maintains the G.I.S. database system; creates, updates or customizes specialized departmental maps, using the G.I.S. database and related information; computes acreage and land descriptions to accurate scale in the revision, correction, and maintenance of official maps and plats; generates maps to meet the needs of the public and various County departments; associates Assessor parcel attributes with geographical images; maintains  County mapping systems, may perform skilled drafting work in preparing and maintaining maps, drawings,  tracings,  and title sheets; represent both department and County on related committees

Knowledge of:

  • Methods, practices, and procedures of  GIS GPS, computer hardware and software.
  • Laws, rules, and regulations governing the development and maintenance of maps, address systems, and street names.
  • Nomenclature, symbols, methods, and practices used in property descriptions, map development, and drafting.
  • Good public relations techniques.
  • Computer systems, software and peripherals used by various County Departments to maintain accurate maps
  • Modern office methods and procedures.                
  • Use of GPS equipment, software, collection techniques, attribute tables and data management
  • The theories of spatial projections and datums and their differences.

Desired skills:

  • Maintain day-to-day responsibility for the County's computerized mapping system.
  • Skillfully use computerized mapping systems and the G.I.S. database.
  • Coordinate map development and revision using GIS with other County departments.
  • Read and understand codes, statutes, and information related to the development and maintenance of maps, address systems, and street names.
  • Gather and organize data and information.
  • Perform difficult drafting and mapping work with skill and accuracy.
  • Make mathematical calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports.
  • Deal tactfully and courteously with the public and other staff when explaining and interpreting maps and property descriptions and address and street naming regulations and procedures.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Develop specialized maps using GPS equipment, software and related data bases.

Training and Experience:
Any combination of training or experience that would provide the knowledge and skills to successfully perform the listed duties is qualifying.  A typical way, but not required, to obtain the required knowledge and skills would be:

 -Two years of previous experience in working computerized mapping equipment and software, including experience in performing skilled drafting work and using GPS systems to create necessary spatial data.

Advanced educational training in mathematical subjects such as geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, and completion of pre-engineering courses is highly desirable.     



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