GIS Asset Technician

Waterloo Water Works

Waterloo, Iowa

Salary Details $25.00-$40.00/hr
Required Experience 2 - 6 years


To perform technical work for the Waterloo Water Works to ensure efficient operation and to assist the Distribution Department by keeping distribution maps and records current and accurate.


Prepares, maintains and updates distribution and service system maps, plats, graphics, statistics, web applications and presentation materials with extensive use of geographic information systems (GIS). Use global positioning system(GPS) instruments to collect utility infrastructure data and train others in the proper use of basic GPS data collection. Under general direction, may conduct onsite inspections of water construction including subdivision and site plan projects for compliance with codes and standards along with Water Works rules and regulations in the absence of Water Works Compliance Officer. Participates in construction plan reviews. Assists with all aspects of water construction projects as it pertains to accurately applying that information to the GIS system mapping.

See the following website for complete details and application instructions: https://www.cityofwaterlooiowa.com/freeform_jobslist_detail_T7_R106.php


You will find full details and application instructions at this website: https://www.cityofwaterlooiowa.com/freeform_jobslist_detail_T7_R106.php

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on My GIS Jobs.

Category GIS Technician