GIS Architect

City of Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The GIS Architect is responsible for designing, securing, implementing, and maintaining the Geographic Information System (GIS) infrastructure for our city of 32,000 residents. This position plays a critical role in developing the infrastructure, databases, and applications that enable efficient decision-making and enhance the quality of life for the Wheat Ridge community. **Estimated Hiring Range $90 - $105K**

The following duties are illustrative and are not intended to be all inclusive:

  • Assess and apply industry best practices to create a stable, supportable, and predictable GIS service.
  • Lead the design and development of the city's GIS architecture, including data structures, databases, applications, and software integrations. 
  • Exceptional communication skills, both in-person and written.
  • Collaborate with departments and stakeholders to understand their GIS requirements and translate them into effective solutions.
  • Lead the Wheat Ridge GIS Steering Committee to develop and maintain a GIS roadmap, as well as track progress on GIS work.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple high priority GIS demands and negotiate realistic expectations with a high level of customer service and responsiveness.
  • Perform complex database development and maintenance functions; create and maintain databases and convert data and related information to other formats to meet user needs.
  • Manage and maintain geospatial data, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and timely updates.
  • Develop and implement GIS standards, protocols, and best practices to ensure consistency and interoperability across departments.
  • Create and manage GIS documentation, including data dictionaries, workflows, metadata, and technical specifications.
  • Oversee the integration of GIS data with other enterprise systems to support cross-functional needs.
  • Aid in the selection of new system hardware and software; develops specifications based on user requirements and available technology. 
  • Participate in project planning, resource allocation, and budgeting related to GIS initiatives.
  • Collaborate with external partners, vendors, and contractors as needed for GIS projects.
  • Perform spatial analysis that may include such activities as modeling of social and natural systems. 
  • Train, instruct, and provide technical support to GIS users. Including, assisting with training of GIS staff, City staff, and interns in the use of GIS digital information, relational databases, and data queries supporting City projects. Empowers GIS users to self-serve wherever possible.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and best practices for GIS applications and participates in local, regional and state groups focused on GIS.  Makes recommendations for adoption where relevant.
  • Respond to staff and citizen inquiries regarding GIS standards and applications; provide technical information regarding positional accuracy of GIS digital coverage.
    GPS, LiDAR, or other data collection inquiries regarding its use and application; focused on data quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). 
  • Must be able to think creatively, solve complex problems, self-start, and possess an instinct for continuous improvement.

Perform related work as required and assigned.  A successful candidate will be expected to perform a current state assessment of our existing environment and make recommendations for improvement.

Work under the general supervision of the IT Manager with oversight provided by GIS Steering Committee.

Supervision of the GIS Technician and student intern(s).[GA1] [JD2] 

Education and Training: 

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Geography, Geomatics, Computer Science, Urban Planning, or a related field.


  • Proven experience (7+ years) working in GIS systems administration (Windows or Linux[GA1] ), architecture, design, and implementation.
  • Proficiency in database design and management, including spatial and aspatial databases (e.g., Microsoft Access, SQL Server/SDE, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL, etc)
  • Strong proficiency in GIS and GPS software, such as: ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPro, QGIS, Trimble or Garmin GPS receivers, or similar platforms.
  • Experience with GIS programming and scripting languages (Esri Model Builder, SQL, HTML, CSS, Python, or JavaScript[GA2] [JD3] , etc.[GA4] ).
  • Familiarity with web mapping technologies (ArcGIS Online, ArcPortal, Leaflet, Mapbox, or Google Maps API).[GA5] 
  • Knowledge of data modeling, spatial analysis, map projections and coordinate systems, and cartographic principles.
  • Basic knowledge of AutoCAD (or equivalent Computer Aided Design), and relational database design


  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Project management skills to lead GIS projects from conception to completion.
  • Proficient in the use of MS Word, Visio, Access, Excel, and Project. 


  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively to develop innovative GIS solutions.
  • Management and maintenance of geospatial data with accuracy and integrity.
  • Ability to translate departmental requirements into effective GIS solutions.
  • Developing and implementing GIS standards, protocols, and best practices.
  • Capable of providing technical expertise and guidance to staff members.
  • Ability to stay updated with industry trends and emerging GIS technologies.
  • Conducting training sessions and workshops to enhance GIS awareness and skills.

Supplemental Information
Expectations All team members are expected to adhere to the organizational ACTION! values and are responsible for contributing to the achievements of the organization and department. Team members are expected to continue to grow professionally and to apply their learning to their job setting.  An Equal Opportunity Employer It is the policy of the City of Wheat Ridge not to discriminate. 



When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on My GIS Jobs.

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