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The Infosoft Group

Chicago, Illinois


The GIS Analyst is a position held by a person who has approximately 3-5 years of GIS related experience. The GIS Analyst should demonstrate a good command over all GIS concepts including analytics, data and visualizations. They should be able to complete their assigned day to day tasks on their own but may rely on senior team members for guidance on advanced concepts and deliverables. The GIS Analyst should be continually looking for ways to improve their skills by either external training or shadowing their senior team members. The GIS Analyst should begin learning the foundations of scripting to improve GIS functions and should have a good command of team processes. GIS Analysts should begin looking towards getting involved in special projects with their senior team members to gain experience in developing a solid strategy around architecture and delivery of a solution.
Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Intermediate knowledge of static GIS concepts
    -Demographics reports
    -Data analytics and management
    -Static mapping visualizations
    -Data mining and manipulation
    -Introductory knowledge of interactive GIS concepts
    -3D environment creation and manipulation
    -WebApp creation and maintenance
    -Data and visualization dashboarding
    -Business analytics and dashboarding
  • Intermediate knowledge of core ESRI ArcGIS toolkit applications
    -ArcPro & extensions
    -ArcGIS Online & extensions
    -ArcGIS Enterprise & extensions
    -Business Analyst (Desktop and Online)
  • Introductory knowledge of advanced ESRI ArcGIS toolkit applications
    -ArcGIS Platform
    -ArcGIS Arcade
    -Survey 123, QuickCapture, FieldMaps
  • Introductory knowledge of other core GIS applications
  • Ability to manage their own assigned workload and engage senior members when they need assistance
  • Developing the ability to identify and interact with key fee earners in their designated area
  • Developing the ability to identify, evaluate and learn any new production application or process of potential value


Introductory knowledge of scripting and/or coding concepts and beginning to apply these concepts, where appropriate, in day-to-day operations

  • Azure
  • ESRI Model Builder
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Basic understanding and ability to use at least one IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


  • Intermediate understanding of team processes and skills
    -Request intake process
    -Licensing and applications
  • Process use of core proprietary systems
  • Process use of advanced proprietary systems
    -Various MS systems
  • Good ability to identify team process gaps and propose solutions to senior representatives
  • Ability to solution for day-to-day operations and deliverables and propose to senior representatives
  • Methodically able to evaluate new products and processes for team growth, either assigned by senior team members, or by identifying and proposing to senior representatives


  • Begin identifying ways to manage their own workload and deliveries
  • Begin showing increased ability in managing client relationships with fee earners and brokers in their designated areas

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The compensation that will be offered to the successful candidate will depend on factors such as whether the position is covered by a collective bargaining agreement, the geographic area in which the work will be performed, market pay rates in that area, and the candidate's experience and qualifications.



When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on My GIS Jobs.

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