GIS Administrator

City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Administrator oversees the planning, implementation, and management of GIS services within the organization.  This role is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the GIS infrastructure within the organization. It involves managing GIS projects, ensuring the effective use of GIS technology to support the organization’s objectives, maintaining high standards of data integrity, maintaining and updating GIS databases developing innovative GIS solutions, providing strategic direction for GIS initiatives and provides technical support to users.

Department:  Innovation and Performance
Salary:  $81,074 per year.
Posting Type:  Announcement.
Union:  None, this is a non-union position.
Civil Service Classification:  Non-Competitive

General Application Requirements:

You must submit or show proof of all of the following at the time of filing your application (unless otherwise indicated below) or your application will be disqualified.  Disqualifications based on any of these General Application Requirements are not subject to a Civil Service appeal.

  • Applicants must submit a complete application including education, work experience, a resume (if applicable) and completed supplemental questions.
  • Applicants must be or become residents of the City of Pittsburgh prior to employment and remain a resident throughout employment. 
  • A current, valid Class C Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Operator's License at the time of filing application or prior to appointment, which must be maintained throughout employment.  Written requests for accommodation on the basis of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act will be considered by the
  • Department of Human Resources and Civil Service on an individual basis.
  • Applicants must comply with the City of Pittsburgh's COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

NOTE:  The City of Pittsburgh, as a matter of policy, conducts pre-employment and promotional background investigations on all candidates being considered for positions.  The background investigation includes but is not limited to criminal background, driver's license and City of Pittsburgh real estate tax payments.  Candidates may be disqualified from consideration for employment based on the results of their background investigation (as it relates to the job for which the applicant is being considered).

NOTE:  Candidates being considered for employment will be required to submit official transcripts to verify of their post-secondary education (college/university, trade school, etc.) prior to being hired by the City of Pittsburgh.  Transcripts must be submitted at the time of any/each job interview you have with the City of Pittsburgh. 

Qualifying Requirements:

Your City of Pittsburgh application will be reviewed and your work experience and education/training will be evaluated to determine if you meet the qualifying eligibility requirements listed below for this position.  You will be sent an eligibility letter regarding your eligible/ineligible status.

WORK EXPERIENCE: The application must clearly show five (5) years of full-time experience coordinating and managing an enterprise wide Geographic Information System program with at least two (2) years in a supervisory or managerial role, project management, and experience in strategic planning is essential.  (Less than full-time experience will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.)

EDUCATION/TRAINING: The application must clearly show a Bachelor's Degree from a fully accredited institution in Geography, Planning, Computer Science, Engineering or a related field. GISP Certification preferred.  (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training).

EQUIVALENCY:  Education/training and/or work experience may be substituted on a year for year basis if the application clearly shows the required number of years to meet the Total Qualifying Requirement for this position (based on the sum of work experience and education/training listed above). The Total Qualifying Requirement is nine (9) years.  (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training). 

If you meet the qualifying requirements listed above, you will be sent a letter of admission (when applicable) for the following examination(s).  You must pass the written and/or performance examination(s) in order to have your name placed on the official Civil Service eligibility list for this position.  Candidates who receive job offers must pass a medical examination (when applicable) prior to start date.

  • Written:  None required for this position.
  • Performance:  None required for this position.
  • Medical:  None required for this position.


  • Leadership: Supervises the GIS Coordinator and the GIS Analyst positions. Including training, and performance management. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  • Strategic Planning: Assists the Senior Manager of Applications in developing and implementing GIS strategies aligned with the organizational goals. Identifies opportunities for the application of the GIS technology to improve operations and decision-making.
  • System Administration: Oversees the development (design and implementation), maintenance, and enhancement of GIS systems, including hardware, software, databases, and applications. Ensures the reliability, security, and performance of GIS infrastructure.
  • Project Management: Plans, coordinates, and manages GIS-related projects from conception to completion, including timelines, resources, and budgets. Ensures projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget.
  • Collaboration: Works closely with other departments, stakeholders, and external partners to identify GIS needs and deliver effective solutions. Facilitates inter-departmental and external collaboration to support GIS needs and initiatives.
  • Compliance and Standards: Ensures compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and organizational standards, policies, and regulatory requirements regarding data privacy and security.
  • Data Management: Ensures the accuracy, integrity, and accessibility of spatial data. Develops standards and protocols for data collection, storage, and sharing.
  • System Integration: Integrates GIS with other enterprise systems and databases.
  • Application Development: Develops GIS applications and tools to meet user needs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Technical Support: Provides advanced technical guidance and support for GIS applications, services and GIS users within the organization. Maintains the latest GIS technologies and industry trends.
  • Training and Development: Designs and delivers training programs to enhance GIS skills across the organization. Promotes the use of GIS technology and best practices.
  • Innovation and Improvement: Maintains the latest GIS technologies and trends, and implements improvements to the GIS infrastructure and processes.
  • Other: Performs other related tasks and duties as assigned or required.


When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on My GIS Jobs.

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