GIS & Asset Management Specialist

City of Rockville

Rockville, Maryland

Job Summary
This position is responsible for intermediate professional, technical and administrative work involved in utilizing software and web applications including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a modern Enterprise Asset and Work Order Management solution to support the Department and City’s infrastructure planning, management, operations, maintenance, and engineering functions.   Work requires a proficiency of professional knowledge and skills in application to a wide variety of projects, assignments and subject matter areas. The work requires interaction with people within and outside of the department and City government, including the public, City Senior Staff and occasionally elected officials. The work is subject to functional policies and goals under general managerial direction of the GIS Data Asset Manager and the Deputy Director of Public Works. The employee's work is independent and subject to general policy direction, practices, and procedures and general supervisory review. The GIS Asset Data Specialist is assigned to the Management and Support Division in the Department of Public Works and reports directly to the GIS Asset Data Manager, however the location of work will be within the Operations Maintenance Division office within the Department of Public Works.  Work is reviewed for achievement of objectives, conformance to policies, timeliness, customer service, and other factors established by the GIS Asset Data Manager. 

Essential Job Functions

  • Assists in the delivery of a risk-based asset management program consistent with the goals and objectives of the department. 
  • Assists in the implementation and operation of a GIS-based Enterprise Asset and Work Order Management software application for the Public Works Department. 
  • Serves as primary administrator of the Asset Management software application. 
  • Provides training and other technical support to Operations and Maintenance Division field staff and managers in using GIS and Asset Management software. 
  • Provides support with the maintenance and management of the City’s Enterprise GIS system within the Department of Public Works with tasks such as: 
  • Creating and updating geographic data (geodatabases, hosted feature layers, etc.) 
  • Configuring and maintaining map-centric web applications and web services 
  • Performing data and geographic analysis 
  • Cleaning and integrating data from other sources 
  • Performs regular Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) checks on spatial and non-spatial data sets. 
  • Creating, maintaining, and using automation routines to increase efficiency 
  • Apply cartographic principles to communicate information in reports, dashboards, and maps (online and printed) and other graphic visualizations.   
  • Documenting work, writing, and maintaining GIS metadata for desktop and online data and projects. 
  • Work with staff to understand their specific needs within the subject matter operational areas of water, sewer, storm drain, stormwater, streets, transportation, facilities, engineering, construction management, fleet, recycling and refuse, leaf collection etc.  
  • May lead projects and/or teams.  
  • Interacts with City's GIS Manager, other departments, and regional agencies to gather GIS and related data files and to investigate potential data corrections and updates. 
  • Advises staff on creating, compiling and utilizing basic geographic data in support of organizational projects. 
  • Ensures asset data and assessments are accurate, timely and updated appropriately to enable decision making and planning for maintenance and capital programs. 
  • Ensures completion of assigned goals and objectives. 
  • Performs related duties as directed when such duties are a logical and appropriate assignment to the position. 
  • Regular and timely attendance are required for this position. 
  • Interacts professionally and respectfully with the public, coworkers, and others in the course of daily work. 

This is primarily an in-person position as it directly interfaces with field operations staff.  


Minimum Qualifications 

  • Bachelor's degree in GIS, Cartography, Geography, Computer Science, Environmental Science, or related field. 
  • At least three years of experience in Geographic Information Systems using ESRI ArcGIS software suite. 
  • Proficiency ESRI ArcGIS software suite; Microsoft Office 365; ability to operate printer and plotter.

Desired Qualifications

  • Five or more years of experience in Geographic Information Systems using ESRI ArcGIS software suite
  • Experience working for local government. Experience with a GIS-based Enterprise Asset Management System
  • Advanced Knowledge of ArcGIS Portal and related ESRI Applications and software. 
  • Knowledge of computerized mapping techniques and relational database management. Experience with common GIS programming languages and environments (i.e., SQL, Python, Arcade, or other). 
  • Current GIS Professional Certification (GISP) 


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