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Systems Analyst - GIS

The Personnel Board of Jefferson County

Birmingham,  Alabama
GIS AnalystGIS Developer

To create a hiring register to fill position vacancies within the Merit System of Jefferson County.
Due to potential system changes, the hiring register (Eligibility List) resulting from this job posting may be expired/closed earlier than outlined in Personnel Board Rule 10.1. Applicants can obtain information on the status of the hiring register by clicking “Log In” and then selecting “Your Applications.”

Necessary Qualifications

The following Minimum Qualifications are required for this job. You must demonstrate possession of these qualifications by providing a detailed description of your related experience in the work history section of your application. Please note that replicating or restating these minimum qualifications or the information from the Personnel Board’s job description as your own work experience will result in your disqualification. Please describe your work experience in your own words to represent the work you have performed that is related to the minimum qualifications for this job.

• Experience analyzing and documenting user requirements in a business, government, or financial environment.
• Experience using ESRI tools (e.g., ArcMap, ArcGIS, ArcDesktop etc.) to design and edit GIS systems, programs, and databases.
• Experience designing and maintaining geospatial databases (e.g., MS SQL server, relational databases, etc.). 
• Experience using programming languages (T-SQL, .NET, Python, etc.)

Examples of Duties

• Analyzes and monitors system applications, programs, and/or databases.
• Designs, develops, and modifies system applications, programs, and/or databases.
• Creates and modifies system documentation and user guides.
• Provides assistance to programmers/analysts or other personnel
• Serves as on site administrator for various systems or applications by providing user support, installing system/application updates, and managing user access rights for user systems.
• Analyzes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for use in various settings (e.g., urban planning, infrastructure development, public health) using ArcGIS applications, maps, graphs, and/or tabular data in order to identify spatial relationships.
• Designs or coordinate the development of integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) spatial or non-spatial databases using multiuser relational database management systems (e.g., AcrGIS, Oracle, Microsoft SQL) in order to develop and map thematic layers of GIS data (e.g., administrative areas, site addresses, ownership and tax parcels, health trends, spread of ID, Orthophotos, etc.).

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Knowledge of GIS hardware (e.g., plotters and scanners) data communication and network methods and techniques.
• Knowledge of ESRI software (e.g., MapInfo, Arc/Info, ArcGIS, etc.).
• Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) computer system operations.
• Knowledge of the concepts and principles of geospatial data management.
• Knowledge of the concepts and principles of geospatial modeling and analysis.
• Skill in using a Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping system (e.g., Zoning Analyst, ArcView, etc.) for looking up properties, zoning, and printing maps.
• Skill in using GIS editing software (e.g., ArcGIS, ArcInfo,

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