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Senior Geographic Information Systems Planner

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Allentown,  Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) and Lehigh Valley Transportation Study (LVTS) is seeking an individual with Geographic Information Systems and City/County/Regional Planning skills and an interest in applying them to metropolitan planning efforts.

The Senior Geographic Information Systems Planner will have significant responsibilities in comprehensive, long-range planning, spatial analytics, and predictive modeling and leads these operations within the LVPC. This position works under limited supervision, as part of the LVPC Team to coordinate the region’s Geographic Information System (GIS), prepare maps and databases, conduct a variety of geospatial and economic analyses, develop predictive models and initiate, monitor and oversee planning projects. The LVPC’s philosophy is always to begin with fact-based optimism, making the Senior Geographic Information Systems Planner’s roll particularly important to the organization and Region. Reports to the Director of Transportation Planning and Data and collaborates, coordinates and facilitates discussions, projects and presentations.


• Coordinate GIS data to support planning related projects.
• Develop standards and implement procedures for GIS creation and maintenance of maps and complex databases.
• Research data sources, digitize data and collect geospatial and attribute data.
• Consult with, coordinate and collaborate the LVPC Team, public officials, partners and the public to identify geospatial data needs and implement projects critical to the region.
• Work with other LVPC sections, outside agencies, and organizations to share, obtain, and incorporate planning related information into the regional GIS system.
• Identify, provide and analyze data, both spatially and in table format, for build out calculations, identification and analysis of constrained lands, community resource mapping, update zoning and land use.
• Analyze and summarize demographic, socio-economic and other data to support planning efforts.
• Display cartographic information to ensure validity, reliability and appropriateness. Senior Geographic Information Systems Planner
• Perform complex analyses and develop models of data specific to project demands, interpret output and incorporate it into planning projects.
• Develop graphic representations of geospatial data, produce infographics, charts and other graphic information displays.
• Develop written reports of data consistent with geospatial analysis.
• Develop, maintain and update a variety of map resources and online map services.
• Participation in website development and maintenance to make cartographic, GIS and regional information and resources available to the public.
• Develop promotional and educational material as needed.
• Attend meetings and make public presentations.
• Represent the LVPC as an expert in geospatial analysis.
• Support work teams that participate in project planning.
• Prepare technical reports and contribute to plans as part of community, environmental, and transportation planning.
• Conduct field investigations for research, compile data and assess project conformity with plans.
• Act as liaison between the community and the Data Team within the LVPC.
• Update and coordinate planning projects with the Data Team and provide technical assistance to others.
• Remain current in latest cartographic and GIS technologies and professional planning skills.
• Prepare to and then build Regional Economic Modeling Inc (REMI), travel demand modeling and related technologies skills and utilize them to support the planning program as needed.
• Research new technologies and make recommendations to the Director of Transportation Planning and Data for software acquisition, implementation and advancement in the fields of GIS, cartography, spatial analytics, predictive modeling.
• Perform other duties as assigned.


• Expertise in GIS principles, applications and database development.
• Expertise in ArcGIS, ArcGIS Extensions, ArcGIS Online, Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst and other extensions as applicable.
• Expertise in professional city, county and/or regional planning principles and practices.
• Knowledge of the use of GIS to manage, manipulate, model and represent data.
• Experience with researching and acquiring geospatial, census, demographic and other data.
• Understanding of principles, methods, and tools used to perform data analysis.
• Familiarity with of Federal, State and local laws, codes, regulations and current issues in community planning.
• Trained in thematic cartography and geographic visualization.
• Knowledge of land surveying techniques.
• Knowledge of project management techniques.
• Knowledge and ability to promote safe work practices and ensure compliance with LVPC safety policies.
• Ability to efficiently coordinate multiple projects.
• Thorough experience researching, collecting, sorting, and manipulating data for database
• Capability to independently conduct research, write technical reports and incorporate analysis
into planning documents and presentations.
• Skill in communicating clearly and concisely, orally, in writing and in graphic work.
• Articulate customer service skills.
• Desire and ability to learn new software and systems such as REMI, Cube 3.
• Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with consultants, employees
and the public.
• Ambition to actively participate in and give back to the planning/GIS profession through the American Planning Association, Urban Land Institute, US Green Building Council, and/or other associated GIS professionals networks, etc


• Degree from an accredited four-year college or university in urban planning, architecture, engineering, environmental studies, data science, geospatial science or closely related field. A Master's degree or equivalent experience is preferred but not required.
o Three to five years of experience.
o Any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training that provides the
required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
• American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)/Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) is preferred or the ability to seek certification within two years of employment or as eligible per certification requirements.
• Demonstrable experience with Microsoft Teams, Office Suite.
• Demonstrable use of social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• Ability to use computers, tablets, smart devices, cameras, plotters, scanners, printers and copiers.
• Knowledge of fundamental planning issues and concepts, including basic planning theory, urban design, subdivision, environmental issues, growth management, economic development, housing, and transportation.
• Excellent verbal, written and graphic communication skills.
• Refined organizational skills, including time-management abilities.
• Demonstrated ability to work within and contribute to a team structure, work with diverse groups of people and in diverse environments.


This position requires participation at some early morning, evening and weekend meetings and events. Valid driver’s license required. Must be eligible to work in the United States of America.


• $60,697 - $88,010 per annum; plus, excellent benefits, including but not limited to: paid time off, health, dental, and retirement.
• The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission also, budgets for training and professional membership(s). The LVPC is active in the American Planning Association (national, state and regional,) National Association of Regional Councils, Urban Land Institute, Green Building United/US Green Building Council, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, ESRI, REMI, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, among other local, regional, state and national allied organizations and initiatives. Team members are encouraged to participate with partner entities.


Please email to

    1. Current resume detailing your education and experience
    2. Letter of interest describing how you meet the qualifications for this position and why you would like to be considered.  Please address the letter to Becky A. Bradley, AICP, Executive Director, 961 Marcon Blvd, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18109
    3. Minimum of three (3) references with names, address, telephone number, e-mail and relationship information for each person

Position open until filled. Lehigh Valley Planning Commission/Lehigh Valley Transportation Study is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with a disability who need assistance with their application or that need this announcement in an alternative format, may call (610) 264-4544.

View Full Job Description: postings/Senior GIS Planner Job Description - 2022.pdf

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