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Senior Analyst/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Staff

Southwest Gas

Las Vegas,  Nevada
GIS Analyst

The Senior Analyst/Geographic Information Systems Staff is responsible for supporting Engineering applications relating to Geographic Information System (GIS) such as: ArcGIS, FieldSmart View, AutoCAD, PaperVision Enterprise and Capture document management software, GPS, and Global Mapper. The position’s responsibilities include identifying business needs; developing standards and overseeing their implementation; identifying and evaluating GIS solutions and tools to improve operational efficiency and integration with other Company applications utilizing location-based information; providing technical support, guidance, and leadership to the GIS Operations; and, acting as a liaison between division GIS Operations and IS.


  • Provide technical support to the operational GIS groups
  • Provide technical and business support to Company projects
  • Support users and systems consuming GIS data
  • Perform in-depth analysis, develop recommendations, and provide consulting services on an as-needed basis to address complex customer and/or Company problems/issues which cross organizational boundaries and require thorough technical knowledge to resolve
  • Recognize and identify potential areas where existing GIS system policies and procedures require change or where new ones need to be developed
  • Ensure integrity of GIS data and processes across the Company
  • Develop GIS training materials and conduct ongoing user training for various division and corporate departments including onsite and offsite contractors
  • Advise and assist the division GIS Analysts and Supervisors with problem resolution and workflow implementation
  • Update and document the GIS systems configurations based upon Division, regulatory and project requirements
  • Initiate and manage smaller-scoped GIS related projects
  • Perform problem determination (i.e., identifying, troubleshooting, and understanding the source of technical problems, assessing their impact, recording diagnostic data, and either resolving or initiating action with others to resolve them)
  • Act as the point of contact with vendors for system enhancements and implementations
  • Participate in establishment of policies and procedures governing GIS/Engineering applications
  • Initiate change control for GIS requests (i.e., a complete request description, define business requirements, identify benefits, schedule testing and approval) originating in and/or impacting their area of responsibility
  • Initiate and coordinate software upgrades for GIS/Engineering application
  • Perform and/or facilitate User Acceptance Testing of software updates, new software or scripts, and software enhancements.
  • Set up and manage accounts, controls, and privileges for end users; perform user audits
  • Communicate change management with other departments, Divisions, and the Help Desk
  • Act as the company Subject Matter Expert (SME) for ArcGIS Desktop, ArcFM, ArcGIS Portal, MAOP Uptime
  • Compile data collection and management reporting of system performance
  • Design, model, implement and maintain geospatial databases (i.e., update or create tables, define table relationships, and add and remove fields)
  • Administer the ArcSDE environment (i.e., ensure versioning integrity, review and update table indexes, calculate statistics, and define database roles and table permissions)
  • Possess working knowledge of Oracle RDBMS environments
  • Establish the GeoDatabase Maintenance routines, review daily output, and advise GIS
  • Operations on maintenance activities
  • Update and maintain ArcFM software configurations for business requests and project requirements
  • Assist in system configuration, upgrades, system performance, system recovery, tuning and usage reporting
  • Ensure the integrity of MAOP Uptime processes and data within the ArcGIS environment
  • Maximize system reliability and availability
  • Develop tools and procedures for daily operational support of GIS users
  • Configure GIS web server/portal environments
  • Publish and maintain web map services
  • Facilitate the integration of the GIS system with other company applications
  • Develop, create, and execute both standard and custom spatial data queries and analysis using Python scripting, advanced SQL queries, and/or PL-SQL
  • Coordinate and run tools that provide large-scale data updates in ArcGIS to enhance the data for integration with other applications and/or facilitate better reporting
  • Create analytical and cartographic map products utilizing various data types and sources
  • Maintain the integrity of the GIS processing environment and ensure continuity with the current processing applications
  • Provide training and coaching to stakeholders to familiarize geodatabase design, functionality, and usage including for Synergi model builder, MAOP Uptime, Service Object tool, and other applications/tools
  • Integrate internal and external data sets into ArcGIS
  • Act as the Company SME for AutoCAD
  • Maintain knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Provide AutoCAD expertise and user support to Engineering groups
  • Maintain, develop and publish company design standards
  • Act as the Company SME for GPS data collection and processing
  • Maintain knowledge of GPS software and hardware
  • Provide GPS expertise and user support to GPS users and groups
  • Develop new and update existing GPS data dictionaries for project and business requirements
  • Act as the Company SME for PaperVision Enterprise and Capture document management system
  • Maintain knowledge of PaperVision document management system
  • Provide PaperVision expertise and user support to Engineering and Right-of-Way users and groups
  • Act as the company SME for FieldSmart View map viewing application
  • Maintain knowledge of FieldSmart View
  • Administer the data, attribute and symbology configurations for FieldSmart View
  • Validate the daily data extract, translate and load processes from GIS to FieldSmart View
  • Recognize business needs for FieldSmart View and initiate changes based on those needs
  • Maintain and direct the standardization of several compliance-driven operating procedures (Posting Standards Procedure, Design Drawing Procedure, and As-built Drawing Procedure)
  • Ensure that Regulatory Reports scripts (NPMS, Annual DOT Distribution, and Annual DOT
  • Transmission Reports) are kept up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Develop workflows to meet Compliance reporting requirements for new regulations
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the job

Minimum Qualifications
This position requires a degree in Computer Science or related field or the equivalent and a minimum of five years of relevant work experience in the client/server, LAN and PC or related environments.

The incumbent must be able to work extended days and weekends as required to implement changes to production, accommodate project and business needs, and to test updates deployed to production.

Good oral and written communications skills are needed.

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