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Planning Assistant/GIS Specialist

Ware County

Waycross,  Georgia

JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for assisting the Planning Director by: (1) Providing technical research and administrative support in management of the comprehensive planning program for the city and county; (2) Providing mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) and environmental geographic support to the department; (3) Conducting and coordinating GIS activities for the county; (4) Preparing and presenting staff reports at public meetings; (5) Developing supervisory responsibilities, duties and skills; and (6) Assisting in coordinating all office activities for the administration and direction of planning functions for the County.


  • Prepares maps and staff reports for Planning Director's review and for presentation to joint Planning Commission and County Commissions.
  • Updates Official County subdivision map and other county base maps.
  • Maintains map files.
  • Assists in verifying legal location, writing legal advertisements and in researching right-of-way locations, flood elevations, zoning and environmental planning criteria by request.
  • Maintains GIS and drafting office equipment, supplies and storage.
  • Assists in typing and/or copying maps and reports for the public.
  • Assists Planning and Codes Director in developing and implementing comprehensive plan elements and updates including zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, public improvement program and other projects as requested
  • Assists with the administration and implementation of plans through boards, committees, commissions and consultants.
  • Provides presentations to County Commission and Planning Commission for various cases.
  • Assists in coordination, research and development of a county GIS program.
  • Assists in creating and updating land-based information databases for county.
  • Perform fieldwork to help determine and prepare reports on physical, social and economic conditions of study as needed.
  • Creates and maintains county GIS database using Arc view.
  • Assists in processing building permits for applicants.
  • Reviews developer’s plans to ensure compliance with zoning, code environmental regulations (S.E.S.C.) and economic development policies of local governments.
  • Assigns and verifies addresses for existing and new developments.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by Planning Director.


  • Knowledge of GIS and drafting practices, techniques and related legal regulations that apply to mapping.
  • Knowledge of basic comprehensive planning concepts and the ability to compute cartographic operations.
  • Knowledge of soil erosion and sediment control guidelines.
  • Knowledge of city/county geographic features.
  • Knowledge of modem office procedures.
  • Knowledge of basic regulations and procedures that apply to mapping property and plan concepts.
  • Skills in using various GIS programs and manual instruments.
  • Skills in drafting wetland delineation, describing environmental issues facing the county.
  • Skills in operating modem office equipment including: computer and mapping software and hardware.
  • Skills in word processing and computers.
  • Skills in oral and written communication including: public speaking and reports.
  • Skills in assisting public with their needs.
  • Skills in reading and interpreting maps.
  • Skills in applying basic math concepts to mapping and plan related projects/features.
  • Skills in organizing work for office presentations and written reports.


The Director assigns work in terms of general instructions. The work is reviewed upon completion for accuracy and the nature and property of the final results. Some work is reviewed in stages as determined by the Director in consultation with the employee. Some work is prepared independently as requested by other department heads, manager and elected officials.


Guidelines include county ordinances and relevant state and federal laws. These guidelines are clear and specific for drafting projects, but are general and require some judgment, selection and interpretation in application for environmental planning and GIS programs.


This position consists of technical drafting duties for drafting projects utilizing various technical and administrative tasks in planning, environmental and GIS programs.


Contacts are typically with co-workers, other county employees, city employees, city and county officials, surveyors, engineers, developers and the general public.


Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, provide services, and resolve problems with staff, other departments, managers of development and environmental groups and the general public.


The work is typically performed with the employee sitting at a desk or table. The employee must use tools requiring a high degree of dexterity and be able to distinguish between shades of color. Some work may be required standing at the counter or office copier machines.


The work is typically performed in an office. Some fieldwork may be required.


This position begins with minimal responsibility and grows over time with the growth of the GIS and environmental planning programs as needed and planning duties assigned by the Director.


Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study related to occupational field (environmental geography/planning) and computer cartography.

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