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ITD - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst

Pima County

Tucson,  Arizona
GIS Analyst

The Pima County IT Enterprise GIS Team is seeking a highly motivated, thorough and disciplined individual, with strong GIS knowledge and skills to fill a role of GIS Analyst. This position will be involved in a wide variety of GIS projects and data/application development work, using Esri data models and tools such as Enterprise Geodatabases, the ArcGIS Enterprise suite, internal and external web-based tools and applications, mobile applications and data workflow management tools. The individual selected for this position will become part of a well established team of GIS professionals that has been providing GIS technology to over 50 County departments as well as external organizations and the general public for more than 25 years. In applying for this position, pay particular attention to the description that follows and to the Preferred Qualifications at the end of this posting, addressing each qualification in your application.

(Work assignments may vary depending on the department's needs and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the supervisor.)

  • Performs geospatial data building, modeling and analysis using advanced spatial data manipulation or cartographic procedures;
  • Designs and coordinates the integration of GIS spatial databases with non-spatial enterprise business databases;
  • Participates in developing and implementing quality control procedures for GIS processes, procedures, services and products;
  • Designs and prepare cartographic representations of GIS data using GIS applications, including web based mapping systems;
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations to management for acquisition of GIS software, hardware and peripheral equipment;
  • Leads and/or trains ITD GIS technicians or related staff in the operations of GIS analytical procedures;
  • Enters data into GIS databases, using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning or automatic conversion to vectors or by converting other digital data;
  • Reviews existing or incoming data for currency, accuracy, usefulness, quality, or completeness of documentation;
  • Interprets aerial or ortho imagery for mapping purposes;
  • Revises existing maps and reports, making all necessary corrections and adjustments;
  • Compiles GIS data required for map preparation, including imagery, survey notes, records, reports, and original maps;
  • Documents GIS procedures, metadata, and operating standards;
  • Provides technical support to users or customers regarding the maintenance, development, or operation of GIS databases, applications and data collection devices;
  • Identifies and compiles GIS database information to support the creation of maps and applications in response to requests.


Knowledge of:

  • GIS principles, techniques, applications and industry standards as applied to spatial data,
  • imagery and metadata for programming and analysis;
  • quality Control/Quality Assurance of GIS data and products;
  • GIS data research, collection, organization and documentation for specific product output;
  • advanced GIS data models, relational data, and editing methodologies;
  • GIS technology directions and trends in software, hardware, web services;
  • current programming languages for GIS process automation and application development;
  • relational GIS database design and application implementation in an Enterprise distributed processing environment;
  • remote sensing data interpretation, e.g. aerial imagery, LiDAR, etc.;
  • best practices for securing GIS data in a distributed environment.

Skill in:

  • creating and editing GIS data, including attribute data, using methodologies such as coordinate geometry, heads-up digitizing, and conversion of other data sources;
  • applying data processing, quality-control, delivery and display;
  • providing customer support and problem resolution in the use of GIS data and applications;
  • using programming languages for GIS process automation and application development;
  • time management while handling multiple projects;
  • identifying customer needs and developing solutions to meet their needs.

Minimum Qualifications


(1) A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college, university or technical school in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, cartography, geography or related field as determined by the appointing authority at the time of recruitment.
(Relevant work experience and/or education from an accredited college, university or technical school may be substituted.)


(2) Two years of experience with Pima County as a Geographic Information Systems Technician or ITD Geographic Information Systems Technician.
Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application. Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see resume" on your application.

  • Preferred Qualifications (Be specific in describing your experience in your application. Ensure the descriptions provided illustrate your competencies, specifically addressing the required and preferred qualifications.):
  • Experience managing geospatial data and associated attribute databases, performing data conversions, working with digital orthophotography, and remote sensing products, scanned documents and metadata.
  • Experience assisting in conceptualizing, requirements gathering, analyzing, designing, configuring and debugging new Web GIS and Mobile GIS applications and workflows in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • Strong analytical/problem solving skills related to GIS data, geo-processing scripts and GIS application development.
  • Experience developing data processing scripts and mapping interfaces, including the migration of legacy programming code to modern languages. Knowledge of Python, JavaScript, C#, or .NET a plus.
  • Experience using Microsoft SQL Server for database design, implementation, and maintenance utilizing geospatial data and associated non-geospatial data.

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