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Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst III

Idaho State Tax Commission

Boise,  Idaho
GIS AnalystGIS Developer

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff is mandated by Idaho Code to map over 1,245 different taxing districts comprised of more than 3,288 tax code areas (TCA), to ensure that all areas are in compliance with Idaho Statutes and the Tax Commission's Administrative Rules, and that property taxes are administered fairly and equitably. 

Exampe of Duties:

  • Incumbent must possess considerable knowledge of GIS technologies and applications as they relate to the ESRI and Open Source GIS Software Suite to perform GIS workflows, including coordinate geometry (COGO), as well as data management, conversion, creation, editing, analysis and geoprocessing, visualization, and sharing.  
  • Incumbent must possess good knowledge and ability to utilize programming/ scripting languages including Python, ArcPy, and SQL, as well as ArcGIS Pro Tasks, Modelbuilder, and Geoprocessing Tools.
  • Incumbent must possess good knowledge of surveying principles as they relate to cadastral mapping and the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).
  • Incumbent must possess good knowledge of database schemas, database design and ability to integrate databases and geodatabases across various proprietary platforms.
  • Incumbent must possess excellent communication and customer service skills. Independent judgement and decision-making. Strong attention to detail.Strong research skills.
  • Incumbent must have a good understanding of Idaho Statutes and Administrative Rule as they pertain to Idaho property tax.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Considerable knowledge of GIS including analysis, data capture and data conversion; cartographic principles.
  • Good knowledge of GIS programming languages commonly used in the development of GIS programs; database management; web APIs.
  • Experience planning, designing and implementing GIS projects and preparing reports of findings; operating, applying, and programming GIS software products in a work environment.

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