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GIS Technician

Capital Talent Partners, Inc.

Mechanicsburg,  Pennsylvania
GIS Technician

Job Summary

  • GIS technicians utilize Geographic Information System tools to document variables in specific geographical areas. This involves tasks such as supporting GIS analysts with projects and tasks, helping to design and develop databases, and analyzing information to be used in reports and articles.
  • GIS technicians usually work regular business hours in an office environment, though they may have to travel to geographical sites to gather data and examine information.
  • In most cases, GIS technicians are managed by a senior GIS technician, though they often have a lot of autonomy in their daily tasks.
  • This job is well suited to people who enjoy problem-solving, have a passion for science and analyzing data, and enjoy working as part of a team on different projects.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assessing Visual Information
  • GIS technicians compile information in the form of aerial photos, geological surveys, and satellite images from a range of different sources, forming the basis of reports and articles.
  • Performing Data Research
  • This job involves carrying out data research and verification activities to ensure the information collected is accurate. GIS technicians document new sources of GIS data and quality concerns they may have.
  • Drawing Maps
  • GIS technicians draw maps using automated drafting software, ensuring that sources are annotated and all information is accurate.
  • Transforming Data into Databases
  • GIS technicians turn diverse data from different sources into standardized computer formats for use in databases and maps. They incorporate charts, maps, and data files into reports as well.
  • Troubleshooting GIS Database Issues
  • Using a variety of diagnostic tools, GIS technicians resolve GIS database problems that arise and provide technical support to end users by helping them implement tools.

Skills & Qualifications
GIS technicians transform complex information into easy-to-read reports and articles.

  • Analytical skills - to analyze information and data from maps, photographs, and censuses, drawing conclusions from their analyses of different sets of data
  • Computer skills - to perform research, manipulate digital images, and create reports
  • Critical thinking - to choose the appropriate data, methods, and scale of analysis for each project
  • Communication skills - to communicate effectively with coworkers and present their research to team members
  • Report writing - to write reports and articles detailing the findings from research and proposals for research funding for future projects

Tools of the Trade

GIS Tools - GIS Cartography, GIS Analysis, GIS Modeling
Design Software - AutoCAD, ArcView

Education & Training
The minimum requirement is an associate's degree or technical school equivalent in geographic information systems, computer science, or civil engineering.
Also a minimum of two years' experience with GIS systems

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