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GIS Supervisor

Leavenworth County

Leavenworth,  Kansas
GIS AnalystGIS Developer

Apply and email applications to or fax the application to (913) 684-1028.  Application may be found on the Leavenworth County website at under Information>Employment Opportunities> Leavenworth County Application.   


Supervise the GIS staff work groups and projects to administer and maintain GIS mapping systems, databases and applications. Read property legal descriptions, plats and surveys and draw them on maps. Create and edit digital maps in coverages and shape files using ESRI ArcMap Software. Add annotation and text to digital map layers. Link excel spreadsheets created from downloading data to make specific maps. Create requested maps delineating parcels selected by graphic tools or querying map layers using ArcMap tools such as Buffer. Perform QC work on map layers using ArcCatalog and ArcView. Create ArcReader maps using ArcPublisher Software. Convert Arc coverages to GeoDatabases. Plot large format paper maps from digital files.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: (*Required prior to employment)          

  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of GIS data resources and systems management.
  • Ability to communicate and understand practical applications of GIS to local government.
  • Knowledge of ESRI suite of products.
  • Knowledge of database architecture.
  • Skills in Python Javascript, SCC, IOS and Android Application Development.
  • Knowledge of personal computer operation and ability to use standard word processing and spreadsheet software.
  • Ability to determine ties across platforms.
  • Supervise, organize, schedule, assign, train, counsel and evaluate the work of assigned staff.
  • Ensure GIS databases and software are available, reliable, functional and secure to benefit the appropriate users.
  • Develop, maintain, analyze and support geospatial data and projects, ensuring data used by staff is accurate, reliable and timely.
  • Oversee, administer and maintain GIS databases and software. Complete routine maintenance and processing to ensure system integrity. Prepare data, records, dependencies, permissions and procedures. Maintain data integrity and troubleshoot concerns.
  • Manage GIS projects. Ensure communication and meetings, timelines and project milestones. Synthesize data into actionable information for end users and customers.
  • Design and build GIS applications based on customer needs and best practices.
  • Maintain integrity of mapping systems and data through checking work of staff and assessing performance of data systems.
  • Support outside departments and provide technical information, cost/benefit analysis, user training, solutions, explanations, and advice in response to user requests.
  • Develop and improve information flow between engineering and field operations by developing standards, synthesizing data into decision making information and GIS application development.
  • Perform team leader functions for GIS projects: manage deadlines, provide status reports, and facilitate final testing and project sign-off.
  • Prepare and present oral and written reports, presentations, and recommendations. Provide clear written instructions and documentation on system procedures.
  • Review literature and other resources in order to keep informed of new technology advances that may affect base level support and/or development toolkit.
  • Research new technologies, including mobile devices and maintain high industry knowledge.
  • Respond to off-hours requests or data emergencies.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

ILLUSTRATIVE TASKS (This is not an inclusive list; other tasks/duties may be assigned.)

  • Calculates and transfers the dimensions of properties onto Orthophoto maps, places Mylar overlays on Orthophoto maps and adjusts the overlay to real world coordinates. Computes measurements to map scale using engineer’s scales, angles, protractors, templates and planimeter for square footage. Makes geometric and algebraic calculations to identify area radii, bearings, lengths, deflection angles and distances to points along curves. Depicts measurements by graphics for mapping, converts archaic measurement standards on old maps into standard measurement and compensates for photo distortion in calculations due to splicing or topography of the land.
  • Digitally creates and corrects property dimensions, lot numbers, plat blocks, etc. as annotation in ESRI digital layers. Transforming and adjusting digital map layer in various map projections.
  • Operates and maintains map reproduction equipment.
  • Researches historical ownership of property by researching ownership books in the Register of Deeds Office.
  • Researches events and sites of historical significance in Leavenworth County through books, maps, records, and site visits.
  • Transfers data from Mylar maps through digitizing and using precision key-in to update geographical information system.
  • Creates cells and cell libraries for efficient computer use.
  • Manipulates reference files, and designs computer formats and graphic elements.
  • Establishes level symbols for future use according to text, line configuration, weight and color.
  • Merge new maps to the master base map files and uses plotters to plot maps.
  • Converts digital data to excel tables and links them together with ESRI software to create graphic maps and query data results.
  • Use graphic operations to maintain graphic and non-graphic data.
  • Creates clean digitizing line work through application software.
  • Performs back up files on daily work files.

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