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GIS Analyst

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Boston,  Massachusetts
GIS Analyst

About MassDOT

At MassDOT, transportation is not about roads and bridges, or trains and buses – it is about people. Our mission begins with customers - individuals, businesses, municipalities, and regional transit agencies. We support programs and projects that deliver a high return on investment. MassDOT supports the economic, quality of life, and environmental goals of the Commonwealth.

Duties & Responsibilities

The selected applicant will be assigned to the GIS Services Section within the Office of Transportation Planning (MassDOT Planning). They will serve as part of a team of geographic information system (GIS) data analysts and specialists who create, maintain and/or perform quality control checks on spatial databases, create or update maps, perform spatial analyses, process data requests, and provide assistance in managing short and long-term projects.

1. Short-term and on-demand projects:

· Clean and combine data: Acquire new data sources from public and private entities; create legible, functional databases with well-described metadata; produce data specific to the needs of the Commonwealth from national or local products. Some of this information may be produced manually or with in-house assistance.

· Analysis: Generate analytical results to meet the needs of internal and external requests; use GIS to examine, transform, and summarize digital information; analyze GIS data to make actionable decisions. Examples of relevant analyses include: service area, hot spot, dasymetric mapping, geostatistical methods, etc.

· Process Improvements: Identify data quality and content improvements that MassDOT GIS could implement; prioritize event and geometry updates to the LRS and other asset collections; develop workflows for other groups within the agency to better maintain their primary data responsibilities; plan potential projects for the GIS Team to work on.

2. Long term projects:

· CIP Scoring: The MassDOT Capital Improvement Plan is moving toward an automated system of assessment management and funding distribution. A core task of this position will be to build the systems surrounding project scoring, equity, management, and funding.

· Management of Data Catalog: Curate auxiliary data items to the RIF (transit/transportation assets, federal surveys re: population, housing, etc.).

· Data Policy and Procurement: Work with all divisions of MassDOT (Rail/Transit, Aeronautics, Highway, RMV, MBTA) to develop policy surrounding data managed by the Commonwealth.

· Municipal Road Updates: Process local linear referencing system updates to the RIF.

· RIF Improvements: Consider ways to improve the quality and usability of the MassDOT Road Inventory File.

Working with GIS and Planning staff to prepare and submit various reports; preparing graphics and cover designs; maintaining various websites and web applications; providing support for document and web accessibility and updating the Road Inventory file based on recently completed projects.


First consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days.

Minimum Entrance Requirements:

Applicants must have at least (A) four years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional or technical experience in urban planning, regional planning, land use planning or transportation planning, and (B) of which at least two years must have been in a professional capacity, or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. A Bachelor's degree with a major in urban or regional planning or transportation, civil or environmental engineering may be substituted for a maximum of two years of the required (A) experience.*

II. A Graduate degree with a major in urban or regional planning or transportation, civil or environmental engineering may be substituted for maximum of three years of the required (A) experience and one year of the required (B) experience.*

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

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