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GIS Analyst

xentity corporation

Reston,  Virginia
GIS Analyst

We are looking for GIS-specific data analysts , data wranglers, data scientists with excellent leadership, technical, and subject matter expertise qualities. Our project solution needs involve complex GIS data repositories, complicated data sources and workflows from feeds, sensors, and other systems. There are many data lifecycle challenges including legacy migration, metadata cleanup, data model design needs, and massive geoprocessing requirements including image processing, feature creation, classification, and derivative product generation. We will look to introduce new web delivery solutions to leverage this data, help in creating data and design bigdata prototypes whether it be on CartoDB geospatial, D3 Sankeys and various libraries, feeding and harvesting RDF Triplets into catalogs, or integrating into SEO environments.

Our Government and Large Commercial high-profile client is a high-tech organizations with programs in science, technology, engineering and math. They engage us to GIS specialists that are passionate about transforming and making geospatial data usable for new services, business models, and to help economic development. We are looking for people that believe geospatial data is the new gold… the new platinum.

Our specialists can do things such as:

  • Develops Geographic Databases through use of GIS/GPS and advanced technologies for specialized purposes such as addressing, utility mapping, decision support, converting paper products to seamless digital raster graphics and vectorizing features while maintaining FGDC or ISO-19115 compliant metadata
  • use strong expertise in various GIS software (primarily ESRI ArcGIS,ERDAS, GeoServer), as well as various geographic data formats and standard data conversion and transformation methods, for geographic analysis.
  • Create maps (using large-format plotters), reports, and presentations in support of various GIS and technology projects.
  • Develops and maintains links between various databases and simple applications and scripts, and uses existing scripts in Python, ArcPy, Perl, PHP, XML Parsing, SQL, and multiple ETL toolsets
  • Creates new computer programs or edits existing programs in order to produce maps and automate procedures.
  • Can rapidly troubleshoot GIS Systems problems with data processing, delivery, service generation, and other data lifecycle issues in GIS Systems.

Note: Just to be on safe side, we want to clarify this is not a GIS Administrator or Application Developer role. We need experience in using the GIS Systems to produce data solutions.

To boot, we want our analysts to be natural change agents and passionate about change while empathetic to the clients environment on how they leverage, mature, and incorporate data products, services, and new capabilities. We want leaders who can both support the influence of the right change direction while managing the technical and business analysis and design, and are skilled and self-motivated with solid domain/subject matter expertise.

Our analysts will be on teams that through facilitated analysis, work shoulder-to-shoulder with them to come up with the conceptual and logical design and architecture, then working very closely with their staff or system integrator to rapidly implementing that change or agile release. Furthermore, we devise and craft strategies and communications solutions to broadcast and brag about their change efforts and results. This is what we do – we bring transformations to life.

At times, you'll work directly with and get domain guidance from our Architecture lead and report to our Chief Architect who have both been significant Government change agents for multiple decades. Both enjoy mentoring, collaboration, and making appropriate decisions and as quite familiar with these client strategies, tactics, protocols, and solutions that will be successful. Our client base enjoys the value these two bring, and have made repeated requests for support for them and their teams over the years.

Our goal for this interaction is not only quality assurance. Our application developers consistently over the years write us after they have 'graduated' and moved on saying "I would have never learned these skills if it wasn't for your architecture mentoring approaches". If you are looking to be invested in, can balance humility and excellence, you will truly enjoy working on our projects.

Minimum requirements
- A minimum of 4-5 years of relevant geospatial experience, with 2 years of experience leading at least one other geospatial technician.
- Specialized Experience: 3-5 years of experience using ArcGIS and or related tools for data analysis, cartography, and modeling; and using ERDAS Imagine or comparable application for raster analysis and processing.
- Relevant experience with Python, AML, VBA, or other scripting/geospatial application development tools;
- Experience using file and enterprise geodatabase systems
- Work with lead to understand the scope, requirements and objectives for analysis of geospatial data, development of cartographic products, and automation of geospatial tasks using geospatial tools such as ESRI ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine or similar
- Coordinate and leads workload for at least one other analyst on an as needed basis
- Utilize ArcGIS applications and geospatial theory such as coordinate systems, projections, and modeling.
- Utilize Leica Geosystems (ERDAS) Imagine application and raster data processing preferred
- Utilize with Python, AML, VBA, or other scripting/GIS application development tools.

- Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in geography, remote sensing, geospatial technology, or natural science

No Relocation Assistance, must be local

There are no positions open at this time, but new projects are opening regularly. We want to have a crack team, and are looking proactively for folks who want a new challenge, who may be bored, or just wants to work on a solid team trying to help the Government transform its information management practices.

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