GIS Analyst

City of Columbus Public Service

Columbus, Ohio

The selected candidate will assist the division's growing use of GIS and other related computer technology. This includes the development of web maps and apps for improving internal work flows, communication, and data visualization, as well as providing transparency into our division's productivity for the public. This will require the individual to perform business systems analysis as well as the design and implementation of technological solutions. 

Under direction, is responsible for the analysis of data in relation to geographic information and for development of geographic information database(s); performs related duties as required.

Examples of Work:

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all of the duties that may be performed.)

  • Develops and maintains GIS data to delineate attributes of geographic areas;
  • Conducts specialized spatial analyses which may include analysis of nonspatial data;
  • Creates maps, reports, and documents using data and statistics derived from a geographic information system;
  • Performs quality assurance and develops quality control procedures for geographic information database(s);
  • Performs field inspections to acquire and verify geographic data;
  • Researches and interprets land records from multiple sources; resolves conflicting geographic data through consultation with attorneys, title examiners, and others;
  • Converts conventional and paper maps of varying complexity to digital form;
  • Identifies, scales, and orients geodetic points, elevations, and other planimetric or topographic features and cartographic detail;
  • Delineates simple, difficult, and complex aerial photographic detail such as control points, hydrography, topography, and cultural features;
  • Prepares geographic information systems applications design, modification, and documentation, including needs analysis and database and program design such as coding, logic, screens, and file input and output;
  • Converts data from text files, spreadsheets, and databases into map objects using geographic information systems (GIS) technologies; imports and exports data in a variety of formats;
  • Operates equipment such as plotters and printers for output of maps and graphics;
  • Makes oral and written presentations relative to various City projects utilizing geographic information systems (GIS) technology;
  • Stays abreast of GIS technologies and industry standards.

To apply, please visit: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/columbusoh/jobs/newprint/3990812

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on My GIS Jobs.

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