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Conservation GIS Specialist

Colorado State University

Fort Polk,  Louisiana
GIS AnalystGIS Developer

The Conservation GIS Specialist is a Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) Team member and Colorado State University employee who is stationed in Louisiana. Fort Polk is located in west-central Louisiana among the longleaf pine forests of the Kisatchie National Forest. In this role, The Conservation GIS Specialist serves as an independent cooperator to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) support necessary for Fort Polk to implement management guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures of Conservation Branch programs through the following program areas: Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP), Threatened and Endangered Species, National Environmental Policy Act ( NEPA), Maneuver Damage and Mitigation Monitoring, and Forestry. There may be times when support is needed for other programs, such as Cultural Resources or others. This position provides GIS support to the Fort Polk Conservation Branch. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: GIS training for Team members, feature class development/editing, cartographic support, data management within ESRI ArcGIS/ArcPro, geodatabase management, spatial analysis, and high-level data calls to support Fort Polk decision making.

The Conservation GIS Specialist works in a dynamic atmosphere and supports a wide variety of environmental program areas to ensure that Fort Polk is mission-ready. This level of support requires working with a variety of Teams and individuals. As a supervisor, the Conservation GIS Specialist will oversee and support several CEMML Team members, this includes, but is not limited to, the following: daily communication, time approvals, leave approvals, coordination for purchase requests, general support to ensure CEMML Team members are prepared for their jobs, and potentially coordination with the Project Principal Investigator for disciplinary actions. There will also be administrative requirements for the position which may include: support on hiring committees, routine reporting, and routine supervisor meetings with the project Principal Investigator.

It is expected that the Conservation GIS Specialist will be able to pass a Background Investigation and be able to maintain a security clearance.

Beginning Monday, August 16, 2021, Colorado State University has mandated vaccinations against COVID-19. Faculty and staff are required to submit their vaccine status or declare an exemption. More information about the vaccination mandate can be found on the CSU COVID-19 Information & Resources site here,

Required Job Qualifications

  • BS in environmental science, geography, or related field.
  • Three (3) years of working GIS experience.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or the ability to obtain a driver’s license by the employment start date.

Preferred Job Qualifications

  • Greater than three years of working GIS experience.
  • Proficiency with database software and management, greater than 2 years experience.
  • Experience with GIS metadata development and archival.
  • Experience with Quality Assurance Plans, preferably GIS-related.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite.
  • Prior experience acting as a supervisor.
  • Experience working with and supporting multiple project Teams.
  • Experience working on/within military installations.

Diversity Statement
Reflecting departmental and institutional values, candidates are expected to have the ability to advance the Department’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Essential Duties

Geospatial Information System (GIS) work

  • Assist with execution aspects IAW all Conservation Branch Management Plans and Program(s) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) time-lines and cooperative agreements.
  • Provide technical support and assist project coordination with various ENRMD staff and other concerned parties, including but not limited to the Endangered Species Section, Cultural Resources Section, Integrated Pest Management Section, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Section, Maneuver Damage, Sustainable Environmental Monitoring Program, other ENRMD branches, and other Fort Polk directorates.

Coordination with personnel

  • Coordination of installation efforts to manage GIS data for the ENRMD Conservation Branch.
  • Coordinate with various ENRMD staff and other concerned parties, including but not limited to the Endangered Species Section, Cultural Resources Section, Integrated Pest Management Section, National Environmental Policy Act Section, other ENRMD branches and other Fort Polk directorates.

Document prep and review

  • Development, review and update of Conservation Branch Management Plans and SOPs for annual CB approval.
  • Assist with annual support for developing database layer and maps for sections within
  • Conservation Branch Management Plans and SOPs and participate in the preparation and review of other documents such as but limited to environmental analysis for proposed actions and preparation of various levels (Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, and Record of Environmental Consideration) of NEPA documentation.

Database updates

  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings with all Conservation Branch Programs [Cultural Resources, Pest Management, NEPA (Maneuver Damage and SEMP), INRMP, and Endangered Species] to ensure database layers are current, compliant, and accurate IAW with all Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs), Management Plans and SOPs.


  • The government may provide technical reports and documents for review during the performance period for technical review.
  • Review these documents and report comments and recommendations IAW due dates and established Installation SOPs.


  • Tracking, updating, and reporting Common Levels of Support (CLS), and annual SOP reports IAW appropriate format and timetables.

Meetings, scheduling, training

  • Weekly and monthly meetings for planning execution aspects of monitoring and managing
  • Conservation Branch Programs and GIS data layers.
  • Attend meetings and conferences to coordinate, brief, and gather information for the Conservation Branch.
  • May additionally attend public meetings in support of public scoping requirements under NEPA and prepare and maintain informative displays.
  • Attend all required meetings as determined by the ACOR and provide all pertinent information within one business day or as required.
  • Meetings and conferences to be approved by the Fort Polk ACOR.

Equipment inventory and maintenance

  • Track and record equipment location and use as appropriate.
  • As appropriate, conduct required inspections and maintenance/cleaning on vehicles, equipment, dispatches, and government provided office space IAW timelines and Installation SOPs.


  • Supervises 4 CEMML staff in the Conservation Branch, approves time, requests over time, submits purchase requests


  • Provide deliverables as defined in SOW

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