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GIS Application Developer


San Juan,  US Territories
GIS Developer

EvereTech is systems integration organization that provides responsive, tailored and innovative solutions in support of mission critical missions for the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Civilian Community. Our ability to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce is noticed by EVERyone of our current and previous customers.

Job Description
Develop and maintain the content of the Institute internet and intranet interfaces, social media platforms, and internal research geospatial and tabular databases in such a way that information delivery critical to the Institute mission occurs, and that an expanding network of employees, collaborators, clients and the public have access to and use this information. The core framework of the product will be a variety of data structures that provide the user with a rich media experience that includes highly important information highlighted and staged with graphics, illustrations, animations and video.

a) Develop a reservation mechanism on the Institute website for reservation of visitors and dormitory use at the Sabana Field Research Station.
b) Make Institute research datasets available online.
c) Develop and follow a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to describe and display appropriate metadata that document data collection methods, ownership, accuracy, dates of collection, variables, associated publications, suggested citation, and other information that will help users most appropriately use the data.
d) Develop and populate interactive maps of plot or site locations, data sources and metadata and link to view and download data.
e) Develop search mechanisms to help users find data.
f) Develop and implement systems of monitoring the use of sites, downloading, and user contact or download authorizations.
g) Ensure proper maintenance and backups to the web server, database server, and geospatial data server.
h) The Contractor will maintain records of time work and work accomplished. The contractor will report on these items as an attachment to submitted invoices and include comment on issues related to communication with project managers and staff, expectations, and difficulties or breakthroughs that have arisen.

The contractor will need familiarity and at least 4 years’ experience in the following areas:
Spatial data development for sceintific purposes, geoinformatics, web technologies, spatial data
infrastructure (SDI), scientist data management and technology transfer. Skills include necessary
expertise in Remote Sensing and GIS Software: ERDAS Imagine 2013, IDRISI Taiga, FUSION,
SeaDAS, VISAT, eCognition Developer 64. ArcGIS 10.1 and QGIS 2.0; Web server and
geospatial data publishing: GeoServer, pgAdmin 3 and PostgreSQL; Web Content Management
System: Wordpress; Online IDE and development tools: Shiftedit and ApataStudio 3; Web
programming and markup languages: HTML, CSS and JAVA; Art design software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Additional necessary skills include expertise in:

  • Image interpretation, creating and handling metadata, satellite image pre-processing, processing, and assessment; LiDAR pre-processing and processing, geospatial data development and management; and experience with satellite imagery databases.

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